Physiotherapy Services

Our qualified and experienced physiotherapists have a broad range of expertise in the management of a number of conditions.

We offer a wide range of treatment modalities after a careful assessment of your condition and preferences, such as:

Dry Needing

Dry Needling is a safe form of treatment involving the insertion of fine, sterilised needles into specific points of the body to alleviate pain, reduce muscle tension and improve overall body function.

Real Time Ultrasound

Real time Ultrasound allows physiotherapists the opportunity to show clients the core muscle group which support the spine. This group contains the pelvic floor, deep lumbar and deep abdominal muscles. This group can be affected negatively by poor posture, pregnancy, back pain, and surgery. By using the Real Time Ultrasound clients can see the correct method of core stabilisation/activation reducing the recurrence of injury and low back pain. Initial Pilates consultations incorporate the Real Time Ultrasound giving the client the opportunity to gain more insight into the muscles used during their exercises.


Hydrotherapy is practising physio techniques in a pool heated between 32 and 34 degrees Celsius.  Hydrotherapy is an excellent tool for the treatment of post operative or pre operative orthopaedic surgery, joint pain, arthritis and sports injuries.


Cupping is one aspect of traditional Chinese medicine.  It is used to treat muscle pain, respiratory disorders, promote blood circulation and good for deep tissue repair.


All of our services are eligible for private heath fund rebates.

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